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Marketers: Buying Power of Gays to Exceed $835 Billion

While the government shows little interest in its own gay citizens, a new report details how big business continues to recognize the value and buying power of gays.

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John Thain to Head CIT
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The House recently passed a bill that could make the government the supreme provider of and authority on "cheap" student loans. What do you think about this?
It's great! I'm tired of these predatory banks taking advantage of desperate students.
It's despicable! The government has no place in matters of financing like this.
This could be a bit extreme. While i think the government ought to monitor the loaning practices of educational credit organizations, they should not be the primary distributer of said loans.
I'm a bit hesitant. What's to stop the government from becoming just as predatory as these other banks?
I feel much more comfortable knowing that the government, rather than some banking entity, is responsible for and literally invested in my education.