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Introduction to the Stock Market
  Understanding the Stock Market
  A Company Goes Public
  What is Nasdaq?
  Why do They Call It Wall Street?
  A Primer to the Stock Market
  What's a Stock?
  What's a Bond?
  What's a Mutual Fund?
Some Measures of Market Performance
  P/E: It's Not Gym Class
  Watching the Stock Market
  Football, Hemlines and Lipstick: Way-Out Ways to Tell Where Stocks Are Headed
  The S&P 500
Games & Puzzles: Stock Market
  Exchanges and Markets
  Say it in Spanish!
Investing Basics
  Who Knew? Cool Information in Your Shareholder Report
  How Much Money Do I Have?
  Different Investments for Different Goals
  Ideas to Help You Build Your Fortune
  P/E: A Tool for Evaluating a Stock's Price
  What is My Mutual Fund Account Worth Today?
Introduction to Mutual Fund Investing
  Did You Know a Mutual Fund Has Expenses?
  Looking for Clues
  Understanding Total Return
  Understanding Distributions
  Keeping Tabs on Your Investment
  What are Mutual Fund Fees?
Games & Puzzles: Investing
  Find the words in INVESTMENT

Please consider the objectives, risks, charges and expenses of any Columbia fund carefully before investing. Contact your financial advisor for a prospectus, which contains this and other important information about the fund. You should read it carefully before investing.