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Investment News Stories and Newsworthy Articles

Swiss Franc Caps with Euro at 1.20 Swiss Franc/Euro. Some Say It Is Temporary September 7, 2011

China South Rare and Precious Metal Exchange, Lost in Translation September 4, 2011

China South Rare and Precious Metal Exchange Incorporates in Hunan, China September 3, 2011

Typhoon Megi May Cause Philippines to Lose 600,000 Tons of Rice October 18, 2010

Home Prices Up 0.6% in July 2010 October 15, 2010

Rice Harvest Misses USDA Forecast October 14, 2010

Google Price Index: Google To Track Its Own Inflation Data October 13, 2010

Beverly Hills Land Acquired by Overseas Chinese Investors Oct 7, 2010

Gold Hits Another High On Currency Concerns Oct. 6, 2010

Warren Buffett: Recession Not Over.  There Won't Be A Second Dip Sept. 27, 2010



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